The two v six siege was a siege by Jerome and Kenny against the majority of blue team. Considering the numbers, this was a fairly successful despite all members of red being killed.

Participants Edit

Participants on the Red team were TBNRKenworth and JeromeASF

Blue Team Participants include Vikkstar123, Bajancanadian, SideArms, Woofless, KYR_SP33DY and N00CH

Deaths Edit

  • KRY_SP33DY was slain by Kenny with a Sharpness 1 sword
  • SideArms was slain by Kenny with a Sharpness 1 sword. Jerome had an assist
  • N00ch was blown up by a creeper. Jerome knocked him into a pit.
  • Kenny was slain by Vikkstar123
  • JeromeASF was shot by Woofless

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first unsuccessful siege
  • Bajan Canadian was killed as a precursor to the battle
  • Both red team members thought they would die