Participants Edit

Participant on the Red Team was Jerome ASF

Blue Team Participants include SideArms, KYR_SP33DY, and N00ch

Deaths Edit Edit

  • Jerome ASF was slain by SideArms with a Stone sword.

Trivia Edit

  • This conflict was a precursor to Later Conflict
  • Choco the Chocobo, Speedy, and N00ch were present, but uninvolved.
  • This Conflict has no official name.
  • This conflict is considered a battle since the only attack was the result of Jerome ASF's forward motion to keep blues off of the red territory.
  • It could be argued that either team won. Blue because they killed JeromeASF. Red because Choco did make it to Blue's side
  • This battle is classified as a spawn battle and, as such, resulted in an indecisive outcome.