Team Red Edit

The red team is one of two teams in How to Minecraft Season 3. Many members of Red team do not stream during the traditional 1 hour time slot from 3pm CST to 4pm CST (Notoriously JAYG3R and Lachlan). Some have Cited the Presence of Battles as reason to have later streams to accomplish things on their own. Some members have opted for Shorter Episodes(I.E. JeromeASF) and some have opted for Longer episodes(I.E. ChocotheChocobo)

Members of Red Team Edit

Red Team Base Edit

The Red Team has base set just beyond a forest and almost in a direct line from their team bridge. Initially all members of Team Red shared a Tree House, each with their own room. After a few episodes Members of Red team began to build their own base. Most of the members of team Red kept their houses near the original Tree House. The one exception being ChocotheChocobo who opted to build a Base, called the Spire, near the red team bridge.

Roger's hut Edit

Roger's the Egg's hut is located just over the hill from the red team base. He is located in the Dirt hut that many members of red team used to survive the first night.

Other Bases Edit

The Red Team has had several mini bases for a few nights. One was located at 3128 111 2579. This house was, in part, blown up by a creeper. The Tree House was located at 3139 120 2465.